Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Do You Stand Out

Do You Stand Out?
Have you ever been to a party or an event in the midst of a group and you felt out of place? Singled out? Today I drove home from school and as I drove around the lake I saw an incredible sight. I saw a row of trees, ordinary you say… Well in the midst of the greenery was a single tree that had orange and yellow leaves. It stood out thoroughly. As I continued to drive I saw this more and more. It was a beautiful sight and brought me a beautiful thought.
We’re called to be like the tree with orange and yellow leaves that stand out in the midst of the greenery. We’re not called to blend in and be unnoticed. Sometimes it’s easier to blend but it’s not worth it. When we stand out, we’re beautiful (people are drawn to us), we’re unique and we fulfill our calling.
Jesus is a perfect example of standing out.
1. Jesus was beautiful and people we’re drawn to Him.
We see throughout scripture people we’re drawn to Jesus- We see in Matthew 8 the man with Leprosy came to Jesus for healing, The Centurion came for healing for his daughter. They sought Jesus out, they had more than likely heard of his reputation. Matthew 9 shows the friends who brought the paralytic to Jesus.
These are just a few examples of how Jesus’ beauty and people were drawn to Him because he stood out. He didn’t blend in with the everyday crowd.
2. Jesus was Unique
He went against the Pharisees. In Matthew 15 They approach him wanting to know why he breaks tradition of the elders, He says it’s not about tradition but about honoring God.
In Matthew 21 we see Jesus go against the chief priests and stand up for the people when he overturns the tables. He didn’t go along with the scheme he stood for what was right. He went against the grain.
3. Jesus fulfilled his calling
Jesus came to earth to become our perfect sacrifice; to put an end to ritual sacrifices made by the people. Jesus died so that we could live without ritual without attempting to pay a debt we’d never pay off on our own. In the process Jesus lived on the earth 33 years, he stood for righteousness, he didn’t sin, and he healed people and loved on sinners.
We can stand out like Jesus. We can love on those around us no matter where we are; work, school, and the grocery store. When we are authentic in our love for Christ and our love for people, people will approach us so they can find Jesus. We can be unique, we can stand for what’s right. We can choose not to participate in gossip, in adultery, in sin. We can fulfill our calling by listening to God, reading his word and seeking his face.
When we stand out we’re like the beautiful and colorful tree that stands out amongst the greenery.

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